Morning all,

I thought I would take a minute to catch everyone up on some things and answer some questions that folks asked.

First up is a new feature on the FTC website. What's Up On The River is about river conditions and fishing! I will try to keep it updated as much as possible so folks can utilize it for planning. Now as to fish guys I will provide basics such are fish moving, few / oh my god, whatever. I will not identify hot spots or locations due to the fact folks who fish those locations have a tendency to get a little exited being outed and not in a good way!

Another new feature in the What's Up On The River is the ability for those who visit to comment directly to our site. Have a good trip on the river with family or friends and wish to share it? Access or other questions? Post them up with this in mind. Use profanity, name calling, racial insults or just plain bad manners and I will delete the offending post in a heartbeat.

Question: How do I find the QIN and Non Treaty Gillnet seasons. One can gleam them out of  WDF&W's website and for QIN when posted at . If one wants to get both tribal and non tribal you are left with the harvest model. This is a Excel spread sheet with multiple tabs but that information is present with the projected impacts. I do not have the ability to link to it but I can provide it to anyone who would like it with guidance of where to find what you're looking for.

Question: Is FTC involved in the Willapa and Grays Harbor legal challenges to commercial seasons? In a word NO. My brother Tim is the FTC site manager ( take my word you do not want me doing it! ) and co founder. FTC is about providing information to the public so the average citizen can have some hope of understanding seasons for all harvesters be it tribal or non tribal and how the co managers accomplish this task.

Tim, Ron, and Art formed the Advocacy ( a 501c3 ) and have much different goals. The Advocacy is focused on insuring the future of our Salmonid resource in both Willapa and Grays Harbor and insuring WDF&W complies with the laws of the state of Washington. As the Advocacy utilizes the courts to address these issues it is often limited as to what can be made available to the public. When court documents ( or others ) are made available FTC provides them to the public as part of FTC's goal providing information to the public.

Question: Who are the people ( WDF&W ) making these decisions? Recently WDF&W Region 6 District 17 ( Grays Harbor and Willapa Harbor ) has had substantial personnel changes. Region 6 Fish Program Manager Ron Warren has taken a new position in Olympia ( the big house ) and Steve Thiesfeld now has the position. In addition Fish Program District 17 Manager Kirt Hughes has been assigned to the Fraser River Panel as WDF&W's representative but at this date his replacement has not been chosen.

While many celebrate this change I would like to point out the following. Ron & Kirt are really quite decent guys that I have known for years. Did I disagree with many of their decisions? Not yes but h--- yes! Many have the habit of going straight to personal and refuse to grasp the fact that as in any job they have supervisors who set direction. In the end it is WDF&W Fish Program Manager Jim Scott and Director Anderson who have the final say.

So I wish Ron & Kirt the best in their new jobs and look to the future and working with Steve as the new Grays Harbor Management Plan is implemented.

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1. Open wrote:
I know this hit you like it hit me: like a punch in the gut. Hang in there, and of course let me know if there is anyihtng I can do to help the two districts.

Mon, December 8, 2014 @ 8:18 PM

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