This e mail thread was forwarded to me so I thought I would put it up. Two things come to mind. First it was descent of Rep Blake to respond in a frank manner directly to the gentleman a most of our elected folks do not do that. Secondly is I think it is safe to say that any Rec fisher worth their salt would call BS on Rep. Blake's views that appear to be locked in not recent past but last century!


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FYI, here is some correspondence I received from Brian Blake. Clearly he has some personal views that will likely prevent HB 1660 from moving forward. I am new to the fishing game however his logic seems quite flawed and unsubstantiated to say the least. How someone (in this case a strong political leader) could compare the dynamics of South Puget Sound Salmon fishing to that of Willapa and Chehalis is beyond me. I guess this just goes to show how our political system, in many cases, only serves to perpetuate and muddy many of our already complex environmental and social problems. 







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Yes I am saying that sport fishing for salmon in Washington State will be worse off if HB 1660 were to become law. Puget Sound has had the sports priority called for in the legislation for twenty years and I do not want the piss poor chinook and coho fishing that occurs now in Puget Sound to become the norm in my fishing areas. Willapa sport fishing was off the charts this year, my local guide friends had spectacular salmon seasons in the Chehalis basin, B-10 was off the charts this year for sportfishing. Why bring  failed Puget Sound management to these fisheries?


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Thank you for your reply.


I am not sure exactly how to take your response. Are you implying that the application of a recreational priority in the state of Washington will produce the same recreational opportunities that we have in Puget Sound? I may have interpreted your response incorrectly but it sounds like you are not in support of HB 1660?


Thanks for your time!






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David, you have “sports priority” in Puget Sound now and I don’t believe it has produced better outcomes for us sports fishermen. Sincerely Brian Blake


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Please support HB 1660.  It's time to put an end to DFW's historical bias against recreational fishers and at the same time, stop subsidizing commercial gillnetters out of the wallets of taxpayers and recreational fishers that are stuck footing the bill.