LINK   As we have finally received the complete information for this years combined commercial harvest and this a link is to the QIN schedule for the Chehalis and Hump. For a quick look below is by week and the linked page has it by calander days also.

Chehalis only:

Wk 40 2 days
Wk 41 3 days
Wk 42 4 days
Wk 43 2 days
Wk 46 3 days
Wk 47 5 days

Now the ugly part. The QIN exercised their right to half across the bar but good ole WDF&W tried to stack in the Chehalis rather than pick up the slack on the Hump. ( numbers only now not if is a good or bad thing ) This resulted in 1987 Chinook to the minus for escapement with only 10,377 adults to the gravel. For those not familiar the Chinook the goal is 12,364.

Little update. I did finaly input the QIN seasons for the Hump into the model. Sooooooooooooooooo starting late in the game with the tangle net fiasco the state was running behind on window's of opportunity so they leave 905 paper Chum unharvested. Not to fear though as the QIN will harvest 8465 on paper to a deficient of 3607 but the states screw up let the paper fish 905 come off the impact for a total of 2702 or 12.9% BELOW minimum Grays Harbor Chum escapement. As the actual preseason forecast is not accurate due to counting hatchery Chum and naturally spawning Chum as the same fish one can assume the tributary stocks above the Satsop are just going to get nailed. Another year, another disaster, another dollar as Region 6 ambles down the path of destruction.

Straight talk time. The QIN have rights by treaty and confirmed by the courts. Done deal, period. The problem is not the QIN but rather WDF&W's absolute refusal to recognize that the QIN and Chehalis Tribe ARE the GH commercial fisheries. This thing that WDF&W R-6 is determined to maintain the " non Indian " commonly know as the ' White Boy Commercial " at all cost has gone way past ridiculous the last two years. If ever there was a doubt as to the total lack of any management of the resource by R-6 it should be gone gone gone.

If anyone wants the Fall Planning Model with the QIN dates in just PM me and I will send it to you.

I urge all who visit Dave's Rants to do the contact bit and I will add your name to the contact list so whenever we have something interesting posted you can be notified.

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