One into Three

Vol 3 documents how WDFW chooses to divide rather than add this time and separates one commercial fishery into three separate entities. Even though WA law does not differentiate between commercial fishers based on their race or tribal affiliation, the video shows how WDFW has chosen to separate commercial net fishers using definitions of "QIN Treaty Nets" (Quinault Indian Nation), "Tribal Non-treaty Nets" (Confederated Chehalis Tribe) , and the Non-Treaty Nets with no affiliation to a tribe. Dividing commercial fisheries in public presentations disguises how harvest seasons set by the Department allocates commercial net fishers 83-92 percent of the available salmon harvest. The video further documents how the Department and the Commission are fully aware that WDFW collects over 99.8 percent of the license fees from the disadvantaged recreational fisher. When fees paid for product delivered is considered, the license fees and harvest seasons passed into law by the Commission create a massive subsidy out of the public treasury to a handful of commercial fishers.

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