We have the Power Point Presentation by Region 6 Fish Program Manager Steve Theisfeld to the Commission on November 8th. If anyone would want it just e mail me & I will get it to you.  Frankly it is light years ahead of last years fiasco with a bogus slide in the presentation. So take a look and form your own conclusions.

In addition the bit below is a e mail that came through and the gentleman was trying to address a issue with Willapa that did not get addressed and I am sad to say NOBODY even responded.  Region 6 seems to be making progress then this and one realizes how far they have to go.




On Sunday, September 21st, my wife and I made the trip to Tokeland to fish Willapa Bay for two days. We planned this trip specifically around the commercial netting WDFW has published at:  http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/commercial/salmon/netting_schedules.html. Our trip was spontaneously cut short however when many commercial netting boats rushed out and began dropping nets at noon on Sunday the 21st. Given the nets and the poor fishing that subsequently follows we had to eat all the fuel used to travel and the lodging we were unable to cancel that night.

This morning I spoke with Barbara McClellan who confirmed that WDFW was supposed to post an emergency rule update on the aforementioned website but did not. I can't explain to you how offensive it is that such a thing would just simply be forgotten. I go out of my way to work around the commercial netters given they leave an all but barren bay only to waste hundreds of dollars, a day of vacation, and an entire day when they unexpectedly show up.

I will also add that a couple netters seemed to go out of their way to back their nets directly in the middle of a small area that most of the boats were trolling, completely cutting off the trolling area as they backed into shore. While I'm sure there is nothing illegal about their actions, surely you can understand the animosity that such actions perpetuate.

Please tell me, can I expect to see any changes to the netting schedule on the aforementioned website or must I call the office prior to every planned visit to Tokeland?


Thank you for your time,

David Ragsdale