Hi all,


First up is tonight is the AD HOC meeting in Raymond. November 20th at 6 to 9 at the Raymond High School.


Next is the Advocacy's work on the Commission Willapa policy. If you want to take a look e mail me and I will send the draft to you for review. Mull it around some but most missed this as being critical. Options options options, they do not mean crap if the verbiage in the policy is not correct.  Recently I sent out a option and did so knowing others were working on the verbiage. Now what I do not know if even my option  will get through the AHA model parameters as those will be created by the verbiage within the policy.


So folks words ARE important, so read away and think. Try this. I believe any plan needs to be four cycles to achieve the goals or 12 years for Coho and Chum / 16 years for Chinook and those changes need to in the final Commission Draft. As well as only a 5% impact on Chum if they are less than 10% above escapement.  I will propose these changes to the Advocacy for consideration to incorporated in their rewrite of the Commission Draft Willapa Policy.


I will also propose the changes to the Agency staff  realizing that in the end it is doubtful that getting clear & precise direction for Willapa is what agency staff desire but rather they would prefer something designed for their view that is commonly described as " flexibility ". So in the end I imagine we will all meet at the Commission and the Commissioners will decide what is the correct approach. So look and think and get back. I will forward any comments on to Tim, Ron & Art who are working as the primary citizens attempting to get the Willapa rewrite done in a manner that protects the fish and allows reasonable harvest.