more info is a website dedicated to providing the public with full transparency over the processes, procedures and tools used by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Department of Fish & Wildlife to manage salmon and steelhead fisheries in the Chehalis Basin and Willapa. By intention, is truly independent and not affiliated with WDFW or any other entity.

As a means to allow the public an easy ability to understand what can be a very complicated subject, a series of videos have been produced to walk the viewer through the historical fisheries management found in the two estuaries on Washington’s coast. It is possible many viewers will find the video presentations to be somewhat disturbing.

However, you will quickly realize that the videos are based on a thorough review of hundreds if not thousands of Excel spreadsheets, reports, studies and internal or external emails and other communications acquired from WDFW through a public document request and all are posted with Google in our FishiLeaks Library for anyone to go through and view or even download.

The concept is simple. We lay out the pertinent facts and our opinions in a very candid and open fashion using numerous video presentations. After you watch one, if you want to see the actual documents referenced in that video, proceed to the FishiLeaks Library and download the files from the file folder of the same name as the video you just watched. Look the files and documents over with your own two eyes, assess the facts, and adopt your own opinions.

The philosophies practiced here include “reasonable people can agree to disagree” and “The truth shall set us all free.” Unlike many web-based presentations, you simply won’t find any growing of mushrooms on this web site.

Naturally, if you’d like to contact us, please use the Contact button above. One reason would be a request to be placed on our email broadcast list so you will be notified when a new video has been added to the list in the tutorial or new files have been uploaded into the FishiLeaks Library. Another reason might be to inquire how you or others might establish a similar public education forum for another geographical area of the state.

Also, check out Dave’s Rantings. founder Dave Hamilton occasionally offers up a tidbit worthy of consideration.

We hope you will enjoy the videos. Sit back, relax, and watch it all unfold with your own two eyes.