Setting on the deck watching the river having my morning coffee pondering  this post it occurred to me at best this will be confusing to many but here goes. For those who attended the Region 6 ( R-6 ) North of Falcon ( NOF ) public meeting in Montesano City Hall you may recall Tim ( our website administrator ) had a rather pointed exchange with Ron Warren.  It centered on the Non Treaty commercial nets schedule Washington Administrative Code ( WAC )  CR 102  Link  and the fact that just about anything said at the meeting would be irrelevant as the WAC legal process allowed little change.  Mr. Warren differed stating that WDF&W was just reopening the WAC and nothing was set in stone, so to speak. At the NOF meeting March 29th  in Olympia Mr. Warren reversed himself and stated that a supplemental WAC would indeed be required to implement the 2013 Non Treaty commercial harvest season. ( gillnets )

OK Mr. Warren was incorrect at the Montesano NOF meeting and Tim was correct and R-6 is taking the proper steps to comply with WAC process so what is so disturbing?  Just about everything that took place at the Montesano NOF meeting!  Mr. Warren stated that R-6 was just a reopening of the WAC and maybe that is what he thought but his staff certainly knew differently.  Each year as R-6 alters the WAC governing the NT Commercial season the staff at R-6  utilize a set process. Link  Take a look at NOF WB GH for 2010,2011, or 2012 and you will see that it is consistent and documented process.  With a quick read one might say good enough so now take a minute and read this e mail thread dated 4/26/11 Link  in particular the final post from Lori Preuss to Kirt Hughes & Barbara McClellan with CC's to Charmane Ashbrook & Ron Warren.  Individuals in management rely on staff for processes so I can believe Ron Warren ( sorta / kinda ) thought that his statements at the Montesano NOF meeting were accurate but Kirt Hughes and Barbara McClellan were also present and they had been informed in 2011 in the e mail that substantial changes were not permitted.  My favorite line in the 2011 e mail referenced is " you need to hope that no one complains about you making substantial changes to your rules so late in the game ".

Bottom line is R-6 staff were notified in 2011 that their processes were incorrect and continued to utilize them and better yet make public presentations in the 2012 & 2013 NOF knowing full well that what was being put forward was  ........... ah .............. incorrect? Many have thought and even written that the NOF processes for Willapa and Grays Harbor were little more than a " dog and pony show " .  After looking up the definition below I think they got it right.  NOF is little more than a dog & pony show.

"Dog and pony show" is a colloquial term which has come to mean a highly promoted, often over-staged performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince opinion for political, or less often, commercial ends. Typically, the term is used in a pejorative sense to connote disdain, jocular lack of appreciation, or distrust of the message being presented or the efforts undertaken to present it.[1]

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1. Joshua wrote:
McClellan from July 1972 to July 1975, and one of my friends emeliad me this info a few months back. I have suffered many years with multiple neurological issues in addition to other medical issues, and could never understand why? WHILE in service, I went to sick call often with severe headaches, shortly after leaving service had miscarriages and one and on and on..I see according to this posting, that this Bill has "DIED"????? Is there ANY way that I would qualify for help based on my Military Service at Ft McClellan? PS I have been on Social Secuity Disability for 7 years now, sadly unable to work any longer and as noted above OFTEN WONDERED what the ROOT of all of my issues are? PERHAPS THIS explains a lot. Thank you. PS I went to our local Veterans Admin .and they just kinda "sneered" at me I AM A VETERAN just as THEY Non Combat, of course but I did serve our Country during Viet Nam Era, and I DO REALIZE that there are so many of our men and women in such need, that my situation is trivial HOWEVER IF I should pursue this any further, please advise .have a great day!

Mon, December 8, 2014 @ 6:55 PM

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