The FishiLeaks Library is an archive containing over 6 gigabits of electronic files in Excel, Word, PDF, and different video formats that were acquired from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife in public document requests. The files have been loosely catalogued by subject matter and placed Google docs for viewing on either a Windows PC or a Macintosh platform.

The documents and files that are referenced in each of the video presentations on are have also been place in a file folders named similar to the video title in the Library. This separates the files used in the videos from the large library of WDFW documents for easy identification and watching of the files referenced in videos on this web site.

The FishiLeaks Library is an ongoing project and any additional files that are acquired after January 15, 2012 will be catalogued and shown by the date of acquisition so those that return in the future can easily view any “newly added” record and files acquired from WDFW. Naturally, any new videos posted in the future will also have a designated folder containing the documentation that was used to create that video as well.

To visit FishiLeaks Library, please click here