Boldt Decision

Vol 2, Debunking Myths is an investigation into the controversial "Boldt Decision" and other legal cases that impact the management of salmon and steelhead runs in the Chehalis Basin and Willapa estuary. The video documents how many of the public perceptions about these legal decisions are simply more myth than truth. As an example, viewers will see how recreational fishers in the Chehalis basin actually get a larger slice of the harvest where the Boldt decision and tribal nets are in play than over in the Willapa where the Boldt does not apply at all. Likely to surprise many recreational fishers, the evidence in the video shows recreational fishers are more likely to actually catch a fish in an area governed by the Boldt decision than in an area where WDFW allocates the harvest between commercial and recreational license holders in its sole discretion.  Another example of popular myth is the claim Judge Boldt was married to a Native American, implying a conflict of interest existed that tainted his ruling.  See for yourself  Boldt Family Picture.jpeg

The documentation used in this video is available for viewing by clicking the link below