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I have decided to try and update folks the best I can. So looking back the starting point is the final North of Falcon meeting for Grays Harbor and Region 6 Fish Program Manager Steve Theisfeld requesting all sorts hold their fire on the internet regarding the Quinault Nations seasons. 

Amazingly everyone ( well just about everyone ) did just that. Then a few days back info started filtering out on the internet and e mail that could not have come from anyplace besides the agency. In fact one individual even identified the District 17 staff on the commercial seasons.

So are games being played? The immediate answer is yes and my best guess is it revolves around District 17 staff  and a few of the advisers.  I immediately took the issue to Mr. Theisfeld  and he is attempting to keep everyone updated. So here is the text of two emails from 4/16 & 4/17.


From Mr. Theisfeld:

I’ve had some conversation with folks about the sport regulations.  They should be online either tomorrow or Monday.  I suspect they will be located on this page:

I know there was a request to have the advisors go over the regulations before they went to print.  I apologize that we weren’t able to fit that in.  We spent most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday putting the changes in and then had an all-day regional meeting on Monday.  The timing couldn’t have been worse.  As I noted previously, the timing on the pamphlet will change next year and we should have considerably more time for review.

I truly appreciate everyone’s patience, I know that folks want to see the final products, as do I.

Thank you!


Subject: North of Falcon Update



 Sorry there hasn’t been much news from the North of Falcon front.  Some of us are running on 3-4 straight weeks without a day off and have been working our rear ends off. 

With regards to the Sport Fishing Pamphlet, I’ve indicated in the past that the North of Falcon and pamphlet process do not line up well with the APA process.  To partially address that mis-match, WDFW will be moving the pamphlet to a July through June publication next year.  Then the APA process will line up better with most salmon regulations, except spring chinook fisheries.  In the meantime, we have a need to get the pamphlet to the printer this week.  To that end, we have taken a shot at what we believe our CR-102 package for recreational fisheries will look like and put those into the Pamphlet.  If at the conclusion of the APA process and public input, a recreational season is changed, we will address the change through an errata to Pamphlet.

We have a meeting scheduled with Quinault tribe tomorrow and hope to conclude our discussions with them.  I don’t know whether I will have a chance to report to you after the meeting because I intend to take Friday off come hell or high water.   I’ll try to get something out early next week.

With regards to the commercial seasons, Grays Harbor will hopefully come to some resolution in discussions with Quinault tomorrow.  Willapa Bay will likely take a bit longer.  We need to ensure we have carefully reviewed and considered the abundant public input before finalizing a proposal.

We have discussed the potential of an additional public meeting to present the Department’s proposals for Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor.  At this time, I can’t give a potential date until I’m sure that we have a solid foundation for the commercial packages, which we don’t at this time.

I hope this helps bring everyone up to speed.  I appreciate your patience as we work through the numerous issues.



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