Well it is time for another update but look this one has some detail! Progress ............ maybe. So here is a run at the Chehalis /  Humptulips / Grays Harbor sport regs.

MA 2-2 open Sept 16-Nov 30... 3 fish bag... min size 12", anything over 12" that you keep counts against your 3 fish bag. One Chinook allowed Sept 16-22.

Mainstem Chehalis opens Sept 1... 3 adult bag, jacks are fair game (even Chinook jacks).... 2 may be wild Coho. RELEASE ADULT CHINOOK. One adult Chinook allowed Oct 1- Nov 30 up to Porter deadline. From Dec 1 thru Jan 31, adult bag goes down to 2 fish, wild Coho goes down to 1 and we go back to RELEASE ADULT CHINOOK and Chum.

Humptulips... Sept 1-Nov 30 open all the way from the mouth up to the forks.... 3 adult bag, one wild Coho allowed, one Chinook allowed. From Dec 1 - Jan 31 the bag goes down to 2 adults, 1 Chinook allowed, NO WILD COHO.

Wynoochee Sept 16-Nov 30 open to White Bridge... 2 adults, one wild coho, RELEASE CHINOOK.

Satsop Sept 16-Nov 30 open to 3 adults, 2 wild coho, RELEASE WILD ADULT CHINOOK  Dec 1 - Jan 31 the bag goes down to 2 adults, one wild coho, RELEASE CHINOOK and CHUM.

Black River Oct 1-Nov 30... 2 adults release Chinook /Chum. Dec 1- Jan 31 only one wild coho, release Chinook / Chum.

Skookumchuck / Newaukum Oct 1-Nov 30... 3 adults, 2 wild Coho, release Chinook / Chum. Dec 1- Feb 28 bag goes down to 2 adults, only one wild Coho, release Chinook / Chum.

All of the above salmon fisheries will allow the use of bait.... entire basin is single hook barbless. Night closures in effect for Hump, Satsop, Black, Skookumchuck, Newaukum


Now to the commercial season. Last night was the last advisers meeting and it had it's moments. Seems the NT commercial guys were unaware that the 14 day season proposed at NOF in Olympia went down to 7 and ............ ah..they did not take it well? That was my impression as they went out the door.

So as it stands now no 2 C  Humptulips ) commercial net time. Chehalis bound Chinook limited things so if the NT's fish there it cuts back on Chehalis time.

Below is the Chehalis netting schedule for NT nets and keep in mind this does not include the QIN as their days have not been released yet. Just guessing now but I should be pretty close to a combination of QIN and NT commercial nets in the river 6 days a week for the month of October. The NT nets are tangle nets and there will be a 25 % mortality on released wild ( unmarked ) Chinook. 25% mortality is from " soft data " not a study.

Week numbers and number of days scheduled each week  for NT commercials nets.

Week Link 

wk 40 / 0
wk 41 / 2
wk 42 / 1
wk 43 / 2
wk 44 / 2
wk 45 / 0
wk 46 / 0





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